An exhausted horse had to be coaxed to safety by firefighters after she became stuck in mud next to an Auckland creek today.

The Fire Service was called to the rural property on Bethells Road in Waitakere about 5.30pm, Bethells Beach fire chief Eugene Scott said.

They arrived to find a mare lying in the mud next to the water.

"We had to coax it with a little bit of food up onto its feet again _ that took a little while.''


It was "very fortunate'' for the horse it didn't roll into the creek, which sometimes happens, Mr Scott said.

"We were quite pleased to see it (next to the water), because it's quite a big job to get horses out of creeks.''

He wasn't sure how long the mare had been there before her rescue.

The horse had become stuck in a "very muddy patch'', he said.

"That's what the horse was struggling with, to get a firm grip to stand up.''