A family will meet the photographer who is exhibiting a portrait of a gang member accused of killing their loved one.

The Gow Langsford Gallery's exhibition of portraits of eight Mongrel Mob members taken by award-winning photographer Jono Rotman - which includes a portrait of accused murderer Shane Harrison - opened this week.

Harrison allegedly shot dead Sio Matalasi during a gang-related confrontation. Mr Matalasi's father wants the photo withdrawn, accusing the Auckland gallery of immortalising Harrison.

Yesterday gallery co-owner Gary Langsford said he had spoken with Mr Matalasi's family several times and arranged for them to meet Mr Rotman this weekend. Until then the portrait would remain on display, despite strong reactions. Mr Langsford has previously said he cannot censor the work. He said the gallery had been busy.


"We have had so many people through the gallery, it's been unbelievable. But not all good, some come in and scream and shout and run out again."