An offensive email sent by a Christchurch business to a woman complaining about the driving of one of its workers has gone viral.

Kiri Jarden, 44, wrote to MB Roofing to complain about the aggressive driving of one of the company's vehicles.

Ms Jarden was cycling to work yesterday morning and said the ute, carrying a trailer, drove aggressively and too close to her.

It was not the worst driving behaviour she has encountered as a cyclist, but because the company's name was clearly visible, she decided to send a polite but direct complaint.


The response to her email left her "gobsmacked": "lol f**k off bitch, learn how to ride a f**king bike."

After the Herald's Sideswipe column published the email exchange it was widely shared on social media.

MB Roofing could not be contacted for comment.

Ms Jarden said she would appreciate an apology, and joked the response and resulting publicity could be used as a business case study in how not to respond to complaints.