Police are investigating the death of a Haumoana woman's miniature fox terrier, after it was killed by a speeding quad bike on the beach last Thursday.

Kay Hamilton had taken Rosie, aged 8 months, on a walk from home to the Tukituki River mouth and back when the accident happened about 8pm.

Dull rumbling turned to a roar as the bike came closer, travelling at speeds in excess of 50km/h when it hit the puppy, causing fatal injuries. Rosie later died in Ms Hamilton's arms, due to suspected internal bleeding. Police yesterday confirmed that an official complaint had been laid.

The quad bike driver only stopped for a short while to shout abuse, Ms Hamilton said. He was described as a white male, possibly in his 30s, with a piercing in one eyebrow, wearing all black clothing. The bike might have been dark blue, though it looked black in the twilight.


"All I could see is this black thing coming at us, and the words that came out of his mouth were black," Ms Hamilton said.

The stretch of beach where Rosie was killed was a designated Hastings District Council dogs off leash zone, and bikes on the beach were supposed to go no faster than 20km/h.

People were divided over the issue online.

Carole Wilton, who had been camping at Haumoana, said quad bikes not only dominated the beach, but took to the road with complete disregard for the rules.

"No helmets ... two or three on the bike at the same time," she said. "That could easily have been a child; haven't got a problem with bikes on the beach but they should be going slower when there are people around."

George Baz took a different stance, sharing arguments for both sides: "There are rules in place, these things just happen. It is the responsibly of the Dog owner to have complete control over the animal - however the bike rider is also responsible, for speed and and behaviour," he wrote on Facebook.