A "possessed ... evil'' wireless printer was the most viewed listing on online auction site Trade Me this year - by more than 1 million views.

"Words cannot express how much I hate this printer,'' Nick Ward wrote introducing his hilarious Trade Me listing which would go on to become the second most viewed Trade Me listing of all time - second only to the infamous 'Tana Umaga handbag'.

"So why on earth would you want this unholy piece of garbage? Well there's a good chance it will work for you there's nothing technically wrong with it except it has a soul of pure darkness.''

It eventually sold for $280, and instead of taking it home, the buyer gave Mr Ward, a film-maker who wrote the hit film Stickmen, the pleasure of smashing it to pieces on TV magazine show Seven Sharp.


With a staggering 845,265 views it was by far the most viewed auction of 2013.

The second most viewed auction was that of a 43'' Toshiba television, which attracted 174,713 views with its inventive listing and photographs of it around the streets of Christchurch. It sold for $325, with money going to the charity, Kidney Kids.

* Top 10 most viewed Trade Me listings of 2013:

1. HP Wireless Printer (possessed) - Wellington - 845,265 views. Sale price $280.

2. 43'' Toshiba Television - Canterbury - 174,713. Sale price $325.

3. SAME SEX MARRIAGE ORIGINAL BILLBOARD SKIN - Auckland - 121,795. Sale price $401.

4. Treasure Hunting Day for real Gold & Silver! - Auckland - 116,637. Sale price $200.

5. Luxury Villa Playhouse - Auckland - 90,861. No sale.

6. Dodgy Little Shop Collectables - Limited Edition! - Otago - 84,639. Sale price $285.

7. Help SPCA animals - $1 3bdrm home charity auction! - Canterbury - 54,776. Sale price $3510.

8. VW pencil drawing - by mouth - Auckland - 48,250. Sale price $605.

9. Kindling Cracker - Taranaki - 45,900. Sale price $1000.

10. Name the World's Biggest Spider! - Wellington - 45,745. Sale price $565.