A cat found with two legs caught in a gin trap set in Greymouth will make a full recovery, but it is the second cat in six months trapped in the Cobden area.

The male cat was found meowing underneath a house in Firth Street at 3am on Saturday.

The resident who found it said a back and front paw were still caught in a trap. The cat had been in a lot of distress and it took two people to hold it down and remove the trap.

West Coast Vets veterinarian Fokko Aldershoff said the legs were not broken and the cat should return to normal.


Six months ago, another cat in Cobden had its front leg amputated after it was caught in a trap.

Greymouth SPCA chairwoman Margaret Sadler said today the cat appeared to be about three years old.

It was friendly and in good condition so was probably a pet.

She said cats were very territorial and if they were caught in a gin trap it would probably be only a short distance from their homes.

"Gin traps are likely to be a danger to children as well as animals.

"Gin traps can cause great pain and s"ffering to animals caught in them," Ms Sadler said.

She said the animals were also likely to experience "considerable distress"and disorientation as a result of prolonged entrapment, and could suffer from exposure to the elements.