A Christchurch police officer told a suspected drink driver that any charges would go away if she performed oral sex on him, a court heard today.

Senior Constable Gordon Stanley Meyer, 45, today admitted a corruption and bribery charge at the High Court in Christchurch.

He also pleaded guilty to an indecent assault of an 18-year-old woman he groped while giving her a lift between pubs while on duty in his marked patrol car.

Meyer, who has since resigned from the police, has been protected by name suppression since the incidents in 2011. But he can be named for the first time today after pleading guilty at the High Court.


The court heard today that the senior officer of 19 years' service, who often worked as acting sergeant at Christchurch South police station, was working alone on night shift on September 15, 2011.

Meyer was parked outside the Bush Inn bar on Riccarton Rd when he saw a car leaving at around 1.35am.

He pulled it over on nearby Hansons Lane, and spoke to a 23-year-old female driver, who was with a male friend.

A roadside excess breath alcohol test suggested she was over the limit, and the woman asked, "What options do I have?''

Meyer then suggested: "How about we sort it out on a personal level?''

The victim queried that statement and it was repeated to her, Crown prosecutor Pip Currie told the court.

The victim then suggested that they go across the road where she would perform oral sex on him.

When Meyer asked her about her male companion who was with her, a later time was suggested.


He dropped any official police paperwork, took her keys and dropped them both home.

Meyer returned to her house in the police car at around 3.30am, but a friend went outside and told him that she didn't want anything to do with him.

Between September 15 and October 10, Meyer phoned the woman 19 times from his home telephone, his personal cellphone, the patrol sergeant's cellphone, and other fixed phones at his station.

When he pulled over a car she was travelling in as a passenger on October 20, she "thought she was being stalked'' and made a formal complaint.

It also emerged today that Meyer had made inappropriate contact with another female member of the public earlier in 2011.

The court heard that he had met an 18-year-old while on official police duties.

In early April, she was at a hotel in Hornby, when after midnight an arrangement was made to provide her with a ride in his patrol car to a Riccarton bar.

He pulled over in a side street and she asked what he was doing, Ms Currie said.

"He grabbed her hand and placed it on the crotch area of his trousers and attempted to undo the zip,'' the summary of facts says.

"She pulled her hand away. He then placed his hand under her top and bra, and touched her breasts and made a comment that he wanted to suck her breasts.''

Again, he put her hand on his groin, the court heard.

"She felt powerless, she was scared of him,'' the court heard.

Afterwards, he again made "numerous phone calls to her'' and "made comments to her of a sexual nature which made her feel uncomfortable''.

Defence counsel Jonathan Eaton confirmed today that Meyer had resigned from the police.

Assistant Commissioner Grant Nicholls said police welcomed the conviction on behalf of the victims, but the police investigation remained open. He urged other possible victims to also come forward.

"We praise all of those who came forward and helped us, which has ultimately allowed us hold Mr Meyer to account and get justice for the victims,'' he said.

"No-one should have to put up with the kind of disgraceful behaviour exhibited by this former officer, who abused his position of trust and hurt those who he should have been helping.

"There is no place for anyone who behaves like this within New Zealand Police.

"Following today's conviction, there may be others in the community who have information that is important to our inquiries. Our investigation still remains open and we encourage them to please come forward and speak with us.''

Mr Nicholls said today's conviction was the result of public support, with the police investigation team investing some 9000 hours of work and taking more than 80 statements during what had been a "complex and challenging'' investigation.

Justice Graham Panckhurst remanded him on existing bail conditions to December 19 for sentencing.