2.53pm Update

Thanks again for all the information, both upfront and anonymous, especially those emailing in with information. Apologies if we haven't got back to you yet.

Just to be clear, we are seeking to find out the machinations of what was occurring in the weeks leading up to the mayoral election and who knew what and when.

And, no, no-one in NZ journalism would hack the phone (thanks to the readers who suggested it, though).


12.02pm Update

Thanks for all the tips on how to track an anonymous mobile phone. We're now working our way through them.

Does anyone know if it's possible to compare the language of the text against the language used in other texts to eliminate people?

11.11am In all the questions surrounding the Len Brown affair, one of the unsolved ones is who sent the text to his former mistress telling her not to speak out.

Naturally, everyone in the media has called the number and, just as naturally, no-one is picking up.

So we are setting out to find out who sent the text and whose phone it is.

We have journalists working on it right now but have you got any tips how we can find out the owner or track down information?

If you've got any information or you can help please get in touch.


The background is that Bevan Chuang says she received an anonymous text last week, just days before the mayoral election, warning her off going public with her revelations.

It was sent from 021 0244 6071.

Since going public with news of the affair on the Whale Oil blog site, Ms Chuang has also revealed that she felt pressured by Len Brown's opponents, principally Luigi Wewege, a public relations manager for John Palino, with whom she was having an affair, to reveal details.

If you can help, please get in contact by emailing Newsdesk@nzherald.co.nz or phoning 09 3736048.

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