The days of keeping piles of coffee loyalty cards in wallets may be over, thanks to a Hamilton-based civil engineer-turned-coffee maestro.

Hendrik van Blerk and his team have developed the new technology on one app and there are plans to take the technology New Zealand-wide.

With the app, all loyalty cards can be stored on phones and will register patronage, alert the user to benefits and renew cards when they have been filled.

All users have to do is download the free app, for iPhones or Android, go to their favourite coffee outlet or cafe and ask if they are using smartcoffeecard. Each cafe has a unique Q code. Co


Cafe and coffee outlets get benefits too. Smart card users are listed on the host website with details and a map - including featuring the type of beans the cafe uses and has a link to the roaster's website.

Other benefits make the system a means of communication with clients through a database.

Van Blerk says digital loyalty programmes are on the rise and punch cards are definitely on the way out.

- Hamilton News