A hybrid pizza/hot dog will spin into New Zealand on Tuesday.

The hot dog stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut follows in the fatty wake of KFC's Double Down bunless burger.

Pizza Hut's new offering has a frankfurter and sauce baked into the crust. The company said the variation was a sensation last year in Britain, Canada and Australia.

Just as the notorious Double Down divided opinion, the hot dog/pizza may not be for everyone.


Kevin Morris said sausage-stuffed crust would "never in a million years" be on the menu at Dante's, his award-winning Neapolitan pizzeria in Ponsonby.

Dante's belonged to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, or the "True Neapolitan Pizza Association".

"The whole point of our association is to re-educate people on how good real, plain, genuine pizza is, flavour-wise," Morris said.

Pizza Hut said 100g of the pepperoni with hot dog pizza had 298 calories, about 10 per cent more than the dog-free version.

Prices for the hybrid would range from $9.90 to $12.90.

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