The creator of a bad-taste Harlem Shake video has apologised for using haunting images of the Christchurch earthquake.

More than 80,000 people have viewed the video on YouTube, including family and friends of people who died in the tragedy.

The video was uploaded three days after the February 22 anniversary and is the third Christchurch quake version of the dance craze. The creator, who goes by the name H Shake, fronted on camera to apologise, but he would not reveal his name and refused to remove the video, which has footage of buildings collapsing to the music.

He told the Herald on Sunday the video was making money from advertisements that he donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust.


"This is only about $30 worth so far and I am matching this with money from my own pocket. It's shock humour - the kind where you watch and laugh because the video is taking it way too far."

In his apology video he told any people who were upset and offended: "If you don't like it, don't watch it." Asked why he did not reveal his name, he said: "My face is me, my name belongs to my whole family."

Another creator, Henry Priddle, 16, said he uploaded his video "as a way to lighten the mood".