New Zealand's Mongrel Mob is actively recruiting Maori and Pacific Islander members in Melbourne's outer suburbs, say police.

Officers are aware of the gang's activities and are monitoring them, the Herald Sun reported.

Police received reports last year of Mongrel Mob members wearing patches in Australia and the gang may now be looking to expand its drug network, Canberra-based New Zealand Police liaison officer Detective Inspector Steve Wood is reported saying.

"We have been working with the Australian police forces regarding their movements for the last six months," he told the Herald Sun.


The gang was formed in Hawkes Bay in the 1960s, and members' patch depicts a snarling bulldog with a studded collar and wearing a Nazi helmet.

The Mongrel Mob is the latest in a series of attempts by gangs to stake a claim in Victoria.

Notorious North American bikie gangs, the Mongols and Rock Machine, established chapters in Melbourne in the past two years, but were forced out by Australian motorcycle gang the Comancheros, the newspaper reported.