A new art project is growing in Christchurch and the artist says people should use the cardboard spaces however they like.

The mini-chapels were inspired by the cardboard Transitional Cathedral, and have become known as 'God-boxes' although the man behind them says they can easily transform into 'Dog-boxes.'

The first of the spaces, which includes a table, chair and stained windows, has been on the corner of Lyttelton and Cobham Streets since November.

Artist Peter Majendie says they are just a place for people to enjoy some space.


"We're just going to put them anywhere and everywhere, really, they're all cardboard.

"The idea is that they are just a place of reflection, contemplation, slowing down, and just rest."

Peter Majendie says he has 45 of the structures, and he's working his way through constructing and painting them and expects more to be available to the public around the city soon.