Controversial radio talkback host Michael Laws is leaving the air waves to teach school children.

The RadioLive morning host let slip this week he was headed for a new career in education.

During a 15 minute preamble on his morning show Laws said he gained his knowledge of Kawhia through history lessons at primary school and revealed his intention to teach the subject.

"We actually had primary school history of New Zealand. It was quite good actually and I'm sure they must still do it and so I'll be fascinated to teach it - no, did I say something? ... ooh, I shouldn't have said that ... in the future."


Yesterday Laws said: "I'm sorry I'm not going to talk about my future today."

In announcing his departure from his show last year Laws told listeners he was about to embark on "something new, something exciting and something that I have always wanted to do."

He said his new career would be a lot less public and a lot more family-oriented.

Never a stranger to controversy, Laws told radio listeners in 2011 he had no idea why someone hadn't taken a shotgun into the Herald on Sunday newspaper "and just cleaned out the entire newsroom". The Broadcasting Standards Authority responded to a complaint by ruling Laws breached "good taste and decency"standards.

The former Mayor of Wanganui and MP is a solo dad of three young children - Lucy, Zoe and Theo.

His final show broadcasts on March 31.