The family of bashed Martinborough firefighter Peter Fisher are thrilled with the progress he is making in rehab and have been told medical staff aim to have him go home on January 7.

His father Brian Fisher said yesterday staff at the Acquired Brain Injury Rehab Centre, Porirua, have settled on that date for his likely return home in light of his excellent recovery.

Mr Fisher said his son had recently had stitches removed from below both his eyes, and that his facial reconstruction after being brutally beaten in Martinborough in late October was nothing short of remarkable.

He described the surgeon who was responsible for the reconstruction as 'a magician' and said his son would return home looking much like "the same old Peter".


"The stitches they took out from under his eyes were so fine you could hardly see them."

"How anyone could put in and then tie them off ... I just couldn't work it out."

Mr Fisher said the skill shown was 'mind blowing' and apart from one or two small battle scars Peter was looking as good as gold.

The facial injuries had meant the inclusion of 10 pieces of metal in his face and head, 42 staples being attached across the top of his head and many stitches.

His left eye had been the main area of concern but was now much better.

Peter Fisher was being taught to walk again without learning any bad habits.

"I didn't realise just how technical it can be," his father said.

"You have to do it a certain way making sure you step your heel down first and keep your knee straight."

"Apparently it is very easy to fall into bad habits that may result in having a limp."

Peter Fisher was assaulted when he was summoned to help eject a gatecrasher who had refused to leave a gathering at a home in Broadway St on October 28.

The Martinborough man charged with assaulting him is due to appear in court on his second appearance on Monday where he faces six charges.