A Wellington vet nurse has been left shaken but uninjured after a man forced his way into a clinic and demanded drugs.

About 7pm yesterday a man barged into Vet Centre on Tasman Street in suburban Mt Cook and forced a vet nurse to open the safe where restricted drugs were kept.

The woman had closed the clinic for the day but returned to get her phone which she had left behind, owner David Lloyd said

"As she reopened the door unfortunately some guy decided to jump in behind her and push her in through the door and demand drugs off her."


The man, who was not armed, knew what he was looking for, Mr Lloyd said.

"It was a pretty quick incident, so he got in and demanded the drugs he wanted - he didn't get them all - but he was in and out within a couple of minutes."

The nurse was left very shaken and upset following the ordeal, Mr Lloyd said.

But she was able to pass on to police a clear description of the man.

The clinic had been on Tasman Street for 50 years, and Mr Lloyd said that in the seven years he had been there it had never been robbed.

"We are gutted, [but] we're really happy that [for] the nurse in question, it was over and done with without any violence done to her."