A disgraced obstetrician who botched sterilisation procedures in New Zealand will not be allowed to practice again in Australia unless he passes neuropsychological testing, a medical tribunal has ruled.

Czech-trained Roman Hasil made headlines here in 2008 when then Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Paterson released a report that revealed Hasil failed eight of 32 sterilisations he carried out while working at Wanganui Hospital. Six patients became pregnant and some had to abort.

Hasil has since relocated to Australia but has not been registered to practice medicine since February, when the NSW Medical Tribunal upheld a number of complaints against him.

The tribunal also found he lacked the needed mental capacity following a brain injury suffered in a fall in 2009, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.


In a judgement this month, the tribunal said the effects of the brain injury meant he was unfit to practice medicine.

However, he could apply for re-registration if future neurological testing demonstrated the cognitive effects had improved enough for him to resume practicing with conditions such as supervision.

Hasil last month told the tribunal he wanted to work again.

At a previous hearing, it came to light that Hasil had phoned The Sydney Private Hospital on June 21, offering himself for a "large amount of surgical work".