A New Zealand documentary maker escaped the Gaza Strip in a taxi as Israeli air strikes began while he was filming.

Roger Fowler, a member of pro-Palestinian group Kia Ora Gaza, had found safety in Cairo after a "frightening" two days reporting on the bombardment, Radio New Zealand reported today.

Fowler had been in Gaza for two weeks when the air strikes began.

He had been working as a citizen journalist with an international group reporting on the situation within the Gaza Strip.


Fowler's son, Hone Fowler, told Radio New Zealand his father was safe in Egypt after a "frightening" two days reporting on the air strikes for a British website.

"My dad was on the roof of the building on the walkie-talkie giving updates about who's being bombed where ... Early the next morning, he managed to get out via a brave taxi driver who sped him to the border in Rafa," Hone Fowler said.

Mr Fowler said his father would stay in Cairo to investigate Egyptian support for Palestinians in Gaza.

Visit Roger Fowler's website here.