West Coast-Tasman Labour MP Damien O'Connor has found himself in the firing line of the massive storm slamming into the United States' eastern seaboard.

In New York on business, Mr O'Connor went for a run today before the full force of Hurricane Sandy hit; and later learned a massive crane had collapsed on the very same street.

Mr O'Connor had been in Canada on parliamentary business and is now in Manhattan, where he was to attend a now cancelled meeting with the New Zealand mission to the United Nations.

However, New York is in lockdown as the 'frankenstorm' arrives.


Before hunkering down at a friend's apartment, Mr O'Connor went for a run through the city.

"A lot of stuff was closed down. The street I ran down, I just saw on tv, a crane collapsed," Mr O'Connor told the Greymouth Star by phone this morning.

But he said things were not yet too bad, and he had seen heavier rain on the West Coast.

Mr O'Connor was meant to catch a train tomorrow to Washington to meet with Fonterra and trade representatives, but again that had been cancelled. He still hopes to be back in New Zealand later this week.

Power remained on this morning, and Mr O'Connor had stocked up on provisions.

"There has been a rush on the mini markets, which are all around the city."

Mr O'Connor said he was "not panicking yet but working on a plan to get out".