A World War II fighter-bomber restored in Auckland has taken its first flight from Ardmore Airport to Mangere.

The plane came to New Zealand seven years ago after being pulled from a Russian swamp.

It was restored by Glyn Powell and Mike Tunnicliffe, who run Mosquito Aircraft Restoration in Drury, Auckland.

The Canadian-built Mosquito KA114 is owned by American enthusiast Gerry Jagen, who commissioned the company to restore the bodywork.


It took Mr Powell and Mr Tunnicliffe three years, and experts at Avspecs a further four to fit the instruments.

They gathered at Ardmore Airport in Papakura yesterday to see the first Mosquito flight since the last one crashed in 1996 at Barton Air Show in Britain.

Mr Powell, 78, said: "Mike and I were at Ardmore for the takeoff and it was just magic. We have been detached from it for a few years but it was amazing to see her in flight and great to see her land as well."

The plane will be on display this weekend at Ardmore Airport.