Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include an Arab threatening to murder lots of people in Dunedin, the search for a new Michael Jackson and Petra Bagust and Sonya Wilson reportedly "strip off".

Kuwaiti "murder agent" Muhammad Sadik is threatening to kill many Dunedin people.

Rotorua is looking for a new Michael Jackson for its Zombie Walk Thriller Dance.

TV people Petra Bagust and Sonya Wilson are willing to take the clothes off their back for a good cause.


AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd's restaurant in Tauranga closed suddenly in July this year and a message remains on its website saying "closed until further notice" but nobody knows why.

Meanwhile Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame is a hot favourite to be dancing and singing around a stage in Hawke's Bay in February.

It takes 140 litres of water to produce a cup of coffee, 2000 litres to produce a cotton T-shirt and 8000 litres for a pair of leather shoes.

Some people are not happy about "three white guys" being appointed to lead the Northland's new economic development and tourism body.

A critically endangered hawksbill turtle has been found sick on Ninety Mile Beach.

Far North hunger striker Sam Kuha says he is grateful for the help he has received from Work and Income despite it being the target of his protest.

Northland children know how to save themselves in an earthquake. Two Napier supermarkets said it was impractical to have an earthquake preparedness exercise. In Gisborne a teacher yelled "Earthquake!".

Meanwhile they were "turtle safe" at The Tree House. Quake-hardened Cantabrians were ambivalent. Tots in Oamaru know the drill!

Are Aucklanders friendly?

Hamilton will rely on people's "moral consciences" to ban smoking in designated public spaces.

Veteran broadcaster Paul Holmes has passed on some advice to one of the young men who nicked his Jeep.

Once-trusted Gisborne Warehouse employee Trivina Hikawai stood in the dock in tears.

There was the sound of "a large snap" after Donald Waewae Uatuku threw his partner against concrete steps as she tried to flee from him, and then he yelled "get up bitch".

Meanwhile Eltham is preparing for Christmas.

This person should not be approached by members of the public.

Wanganui councillor Michael Laws thinks the Official Information Act does not apply to his emails.

After his relationship ended, Craig Kirby torched his former partner's garage.

A Masterton man's finger was cut off in the spokes of a motorbike while he attempted to tackle an alleged bike thief.

Some of the best and brightest dairy farmers are suffering from burn-out.

As newspapers around the world are struggling and closing the Ashburton Guardian is apparently bucking that trend. Happy Birthday.

About 3km of copper cabling has been stolen from inside the Wingatui rail tunnel.

Meanwhile getting a qualification is no guarantee of finding work.
A brave cop and a smart scaffolder's ed to the recovery of a man from scaffolding high on the Dunedin Town Hall.

Waitakians living overseas are apparently heading home in numbers not seen for years.

You still cannot use your Visa or Mastercard at the Omarama ATM machine.

Meanwhile more than $50 million a year will be sucked out of the Greymouth economy.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at Noon were: #MyExTaughtMe,
#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked, MySpace, New Zealand, GCSB, #shakeout, #FirstSleepoverWithReece, #SmallzyAskHarry and #thatonefriendwho.