A man has been convicted of harassing the Inland Revenue commissioner after sending indecent material in the post.

Razdan Khan, also known as Razdan Rafiq, posted obscene letters to the commissioner and his office in August last year.

Police prosecutor Eddie Iosefa said the letters included disturbing references to European people and women and insulting and offensive language.

The Aucklander, 29, represented himself in a defended hearing at the Auckland District Court this week. He was found guilty on three charges.


Judge David Harvey sentenced him to 50 hours' community work and 12 months' supervision for harassment.

Khan was also convicted and fined $750 for posting five indecent letters to the IRD between June 13 and August 24 last year.

Iosefa said Khan sent the letters after being unhappy with how the IRD dealt with his aunt's tax affairs.

Khan was also fined $750 for posting indecent articles to the Privacy Commissioner.