Kaitangata, February 1879:

Candles cause explosion in an area known for methane (firedamp) killed 34 men and boys.

Brunner, March 1896: Incorrect blasting set off a gas explosion - probably methane - killing 65 men.

Huntly, Ralph's mine, September 1914: A miner's naked light ignited firedamp, killing 43 men.


Dobson mine, December 1926: An explosion killed nine men.

Huntly, Glen Afton mine, September 1939: Carbon monoxide asphyxiated 11 men.

Strongman mine, 11km northeast of Greymouth, January 1967: explosion killed 19 miners.

Mt Davy Mine, near Greymouth, 1998: Two men were killed when they were overcome by gas.

Black Reef Mine, near Greymouth, March 2006: Robert McGowan, 39, drowned when he hit flooded mine workings.

Pike River Mine, Greymouth, November 2010: 29 men died after explosions at the West Coast coal mine. Their bodies have not been recovered.