A woman whose shop was burgled twice in a week has posted video footage of the intruders online in the hope that it will yield clues as to their identity.

Chantal Janssen, the co-owner of KiwiYo frozen yoghurt shop in Mission Bay, uploaded footage of the burglary to YouTube because she has little hope police will catch those responsible.

The burglary last Sunday was the second in a week on the shop. Two hooded people seen in the footage escaped with nothing, but $7000 was taken from a safe in the first burglary, Janssen said.

She believed the pair were responsible for the first attack and hoped the public might recognise them or their car, which is seen briefly in the footage.


Police were investigating both incidents, but Janssen said she was not confident they would find the pair, especially as the second burglary netted nothing.

"This is a big deal to us, but I don't know how big it is for them. This is the only power we have."

By Friday afternoon, the two-minute surveillance-camera footage had been watched 4905 times and 17 people had commented on the video, including one person who was sure they recognised the make of car.

Janssen said she was amazed at the number of people viewing the clip.

"It's great to see all the support from these guys."

She also put the video on the shop's Facebook page and posted a link on Twitter, which had been retweeted by many of their followers.

The shop installed the video and alarm at the back of the shop after the first burglary, not expecting it would come in handy so soon, she said.