An inexperienced climber who lost his nerve ascending Mt Taranaki had to be helped down by rescuers.

The 41-year-old Te Awamutu man set off up the mountain about 4.30am today and decided to climb to the summit once he reached the crater.

The man got near the top and lost his nerve on loose shingle, Taranaki search and rescue co-ordinator Sergeant Andrew Ross said.

"It's quite rocky and loose sort of rock up there. He just basically lost his confidence and couldn't go up and couldn't go down, and didn't really know what to do,'' he said.


The Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter was sent to his aid with an alpine rescue team member.

"They dropped him off in the crater and then he walked up to the summit - it's too windy up there to try to get him off with the helicopter.

"So he walked up to the summit and assisted this guy down to a point where they were able to load them back in the helicopter and fly them off.''

Mr Ross said the climber lacked experience.

"He probably shouldn't have been up there by himself, in all honesty.''