Affco meat workers are continuing to strike through Easter weekend, after Talley's announced a further 480 workers would be locked out over the long weekend.

Union organisers said the lockout, which applies from 3am today to 3am on Tuesday, would save the company thousands in statutory holiday pay.

National Meat Workers Union spokesman Dave Eastlake said 480 workers at eight of Affco's North Island plants would be locked out on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Their numbers will add to the 1000-plus workers locked out since the end of February.


Locked out worker, Lauri Nankivell, said a special church service would be held at the picket line in Moerewa.

A local minister would be holding the service at midday today on State Highway 1

"Easter is a family time for us and we normally spend it playing sport and touch," he said.

"We never expected to spend Good Friday standing on a picket line, let alone having a church service on the side of State Highway One."