A New Zealand man has reportedly been charged with stabbing a Canadian teacher during an argument in the Thai beach resort town of Pattaya.

The Pattaya Daily News said Timothy John Ward, 47, a heavily tattooed New Zealander, allegedly stabbed Canadian Shaun Ohonny, 43, in the arm during an argument.

Police Lieutenant Captain Pallop Ringrod told the paper officers were called to South Pattaya beach where they found Mr Ohonny with a deep knife wound in his left lower arm.

He was given first aid and taken to hospital.


Mr Ohonny told police he had been talking to friends on the beach when Ward insulted him, an argument broke out and Ward stabbed him.

Witnesses told the paper Ward often allegedly walked on the beach and threatened tourists.

Ward was later found at an apartment in the town and two knives found in his sink were seized.

Police said Ward denied the stabbing but admitted the two men had argued.

He was charged with assault causing bodily harm.