Keisha Castle-Hughes' on-off boyfriend has been barred from associating with the actress, preventing them from attending a Tenancy Tribunal hearing today.

The pair were due to appear in the Auckland District Court this morning to defend claims from their former landlord that they owe more than $4000 in damage done to the house they rented for a year.

However, Michael Graves is currently on bail on assault charges after an alleged altercation with Ms Castle-Hughes on Oscar night.

Judge Brian Stephenson adjourned the tribunal hearing today after it was revealed Graves' bail conditions prevented him from associating with Ms Castle-Hughes, and they therefore could not prepare for the hearing.


Landlord Roger McCracken, who attended the hearing this morning, said he was disappointed the pair had not shown up and his time had been wasted.

"[Graves] texted me just last night to say he would be here. I can't see why just one of them couldn't appear.''

He said Graves had likely decided not to come because "he knows he's in the s***''.

Ms Castle-Hughes' lawyer Matt Emery, however, said it was crucial that both ex-tenants were present, as both names were on the lease.

"Both wish to be present, and once bail conditions have been amended I understand they'll both attend the hearing.''

The actress and her boyfriend originally made a complaint to the Tenancy Tribunal in early December in an attempt to force Mr McCracken to return their $2500 bond.

Mr McCracken then attempted to dispute this claim due to the more than $4000 worth of damage he alleges they caused to his Mt Eden home. He was told at the last hearing he would need to make a cross-application and the case was further delayed.

Mr McCracken is now living in the Kakariki St home, and said he's had to repair extensive damage to walls and paint, as well as remove two skips full of rubbish from his garage.

"As you go around you see the place is a bloody sight. They took my kitchen door off its hinges, dog poo on the carpet, two $300 bedroom lights were missing, the place was just wrecked.''

He rented the fully-furnished $1.4 million home to the pair in November 2010 on a one-year lease while he went overseas on business, and said he had continuous complaints from the neighbours during that time.

"Parties all night, and off peeing on the footpath at 2 in the morning. I had a neighbour say he walked up the drive and banged on the door at 4am to try and put and end to it.''

He said he gave the pair multiple written warnings and met them in a local cafe to talk about the issues, but had further complaints from neighbours the very week after the meeting.

One told APNZ she often heard late-night parties coming from Mr McCracken's home while Ms Castle-Hughes and her boyfriend were tenants.

"They would throw things into the neighbours property, we were always picking up bottles and cans and things out of our pool.''

She said everyone on the street knew it as a party house.

"I guess you have to be philosophical about it. You never know who's going to be your neighbour.''

The pair provided one past landlord as a reference when they applied to rent Mr McCracken's home, but Mr McCracken was unable to get hold of him.

A date for the next hearing will be set once Graves' bail conditions have been amended through the criminal court.