Complaints about Kim Dotcom to the Prime Minister's electorate office were passed to police and not to him, John Key says.

Mr Key has said he first heard Dotcom's name when he was briefed by the Solicitor-General the day before the FBI-led raid on Dotcom's rented Coatesville home last month.

Yesterday Mr Key stood by this, saying he was not informed of complaints from his constituents about Dotcom to his electorate office.

"Two people rang the office, one ... about him driving his car allegedly too fast past horses, the other was making too much noise.


"In both instances my electoral agent referred them to the police because they would be the authority [to] take care of those issues and they didn't pass them on to me."

Dotcom, the founder of, is facing extradition to the United States on charges including breach of copyright.

Mr Key said the inquiry into a possible anomaly in the tests for good character that apply to residency and overseas investment had been widened. "The cursory glance has indicated in lots of legislation there might be different tests."