Police are still trying to work out what motivated a vicious beating at an Auckland RSA yesterday as they look to CCTV footage to identify the masked attacker.

Hobsonville RSA manager Maxine Corless, 62, was left bloodied and bruised after the intruder burst in about 9am and beat her, dragged her along the floor and tied her up in a room behind the till.

When she escaped he caught her, re-bound her hands and beat her again about the face.

The intruder said nothing during the attack before walking out with cash from the till.


Police today released CCTV footage from the incident in the hope the public could help identify the man.

Detective Senior Sergeant Andy King said the footage had allowed police to find out what time the offender arrived, what happened within the building, when he left, and what he was dressed in.

Cameras outside the RSA showed the man wearing a peaked cap and sunglasses. Once inside, he kept his face hidden under his sweatshirt hood and behind a halloween-style mask.

Mr King said he could not comment on the motivations for the attack.

"Obviously there was a robbery, some cash was taken. As to whether that's the sole motivation, I don't know,'' he told APNZ.

He has so far ruled out a link to a triple-shooting at the Mt Wellington-Panmure RSA, which took place 10 years ago to the day.

"Obviously it's very interesting that the offence occurred on the exact 10-year anniversary, but I don't believe there's any links at this stage,'' Mr King said.

"I believe it's probably coincidence, but obviously we're keeping an open mind to that as well, and as the investigation unfolds we will be keeping that in my mind.''


Police today took a formal statement from Mrs Corless at the Henderson police station.

"She was with police for a good proportion of the afternoon. She's doing pretty well in [the] circumstances.

"She's obviously still very shaken and so forth, but she did a great job with us and spent a lot of time with us.''

Mrs Corless was ``taking things as they come'' but Mr King did not know when she planned to return to work.

"She's with family and friends, and members of the RSA community are very much supporting her.''

Mr King said there had been a surge of calls from the public with leads yesterday and this morning.

"We've had probably within the vicinity of 8 to 10 calls ... There's been all sorts of pieces of information coming through.''

The offender is described as a solidly-built man of unknown age and ethnicity.

Outside the RSA he was wearing a dark, long-sleeved hooded sweatshirt, dark long pants, white sports shoes, a dark backpack, a dark coloured peaked cap and sunglasses.