A couple who won an $8.4 million Lotto prize got so worked up about the win that the winning ticket ended up getting a soaking.

The pair from Greymouth on the West Coast were still in shock yesterday when they claimed their Big Wednesday prize.

"We feel so very, very lucky," said one of the couple, who asked to remain anonymous.

They discovered their win soon after the draw on Wednesday night when they checked their ticket against the winning numbers online.


"I wrote the numbers on the top of the ticket and started checking them off - I checked off about two, and then the winning line just seemed to leap out at me, it was surreal."

"We were too shocked to celebrate, I just had a beer and went to bed, but neither of us slept a wink."

Once the prize was discovered, the winning ticket was tucked away in a travel security pouch around one of the winners' necks.

"It was very safe, only I was so worked up about the win I must have sweated a lot - it soaked through the pouch and into the ticket. Fortunately it didn't do any damage, but we thought it was quite funny handing over a ticket with sweat marks on it."

As the winners chose to cover both Heads and Tails on their Big Wednesday entry, they won both First and Second Divisions in last Wednesday's draw.

The First Division prize package was worth $8,412,300, and consisted of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, an Audi Q7, a Rayglass 2200 boat, $50,000 cash towards luxury travel, $50,000 Platinum VISA card, $675,000 cash towards a bach, as well as $7 million cash.

The couple elected to take all of their prizes as the cash equivalent.

New Zealand Lotteries chief executive Todd McLeay said: "A brand new lamborghini would certainly be hard to hide in Greymouth, so we are not surprised our winner has not taken up this option".


The second division prize was $73,280, bringing their total winnings to $8,485,580.

The couple say they don't have any big new plans as yet.

"The West Coast is a very special place, and the people past and present are also very special. We've been granted a wonderful gift, but for now, we will continue with current plans. We're sticking with our original plan of going camping - it's just the Kiwi thing to do at Christmas."

The win is a timely boost for Greymouth which recently commemorated the one year anniversary of the Pike River mine tragedy that claimed 29 lives.