An Auckland motorist has captured on video an erratic driver swaying between lanes and almost stopping on a motorway off-ramp, raising concerns about risks to other cars.

Radio DJ Thane Kirby, 36, had been working at Spy Bar in the Viaduct last night and was on his way home with a friend at about 12.30am when the car in front started wandering between lanes on the North Western motorway.

"He flew in front of us and was just drifting left and right into lanes. He was swaying into other lanes where cars were right beside him," he said.

While his friend was driving Mr Kirby took a video of the car, and concerned about the safety of the driver and other motorists, they followed it from Western Springs to Avondale.


The driver, believed to be aged in his 30s, was alone in the car, said Mr Kirby.

In the video, which has now been removed from YouTube but was viewed by APNZ, the car almost stops while on the off-ramp to Great North Rd.

It then speeds up before eventually stopping near the BP petrol station in Avondale.

The driver then got out of his car appeared quite aggressive as he "stared them down", so they decided not to confront him, said Mr Kirby.

The pair instead waited to make sure he was out of the car before they headed away.

The owner of the car told APNZ he had not driven it for several days as friends had been using it since last week.

"It's not me (driving the car)," he said.

The driver did not respond to requests from APNZ for an interview.