Engineers have recommended the earthquake-damaged Christchurch Convention Centre and the Hadlee Stand at AMI Stadium be demolished, the Christchurch City Council has announced.

The stadium, convention centre and the Christchurch Town Hall for the Performing Arts and the Christchurch Convention Centre all suffered significant damage in the February 22 earthquake.

The council said final decisions on the future of the facilities not be made until the assessments have been completed, peer reviewed and the outcomes agreed with insurers.

Reports from structural and geotechnical engineers recommend the demolition of the stadium's Hadlee Stand, and the convention centre, but more time is required to complete assessments at all three of the facilities.


Councillor Sue Wells said the assessment process is a huge undertaking and it is likely to be some months before decisions are made.

"The council is working closely with insurers as these evaluations progress, and while our engineers have indicated their recommendations for some of the buildings involved, decisions on the future of the facilities are still some months away."

AMI Stadium

# Engineers recommend the Hadlee Stand is demolished.
# Re-levelling and other repairs are required on the Tui Stand at the southern end of the stadium.
# More work is required to establish the best outcomes for the Paul Kelly Stand and the Deans Stand. Both have dropped around 300-400mm as a result of the earthquakes.
# Assessments on what is required to repair the turf and associated stormwater and irrigation are ongoing.

Christchurch Convention Centre

Council engineers believe the Christchurch Convention Centre has suffered so much damage it should be demolished. The outcome for the building has not yet been settled with insurers but discussions are progressing and an agreement expected soon.
Christchurch Town Hall for the Performing Arts

The main damage to the Town Hall has been caused by land movement rather than structural problems as a result of shaking during the earthquake. The ground has settled and lateral spread has shifted the foundations of the building, with some parts of the building moving 150mm toward the river. The level of the floor in the auditorium now varies by up to 450mm.

Assessments into what is required to repair the building are ongoing, with outcomes expected in November this year.