There's more sex on tour with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra than with rock band U2, television host Jeremy Wells says.

In Wells' recent documentary, The Grand Tour: Jeremy Wells with the NZSO, the TV personality spent 23 days with the orchestra, who performed 12 concerts in five countries in Europe.

Wells told The Listener there is more sex on NZSO tours than one might think.

"It's basically just a rootfest with buses and instruments," he said.


"When you're watching them perform, because they're dressed in tails and they're all concentrating intensely for an hour and half, it's a serious levels of concentration to perform in an orchestra and everybody looks so conservative and uniform and what you realise is that all of those people have got the same hot blood as anybody else and they've all got the same wants and desires - some of them more. You start moving through into the string section and look out.

"Long weeks on tour, you start looking around thinking, 'Aw, yeah'.

"There's more sex on tour with the NZSO than U2. They're not masturbating types, orchestra people."

And like the saying goes, what happens on tour, stays on tour.

"What goes on in the NZSO probably keeps going on in the NZSO. 108 people, so there's a potential for 54 match-ups, there's a lot of choice. You start moving through different sections, the opportunities are rife."