Wearing a uniform will not get police admission to any of the 12 Rugby World Cup venues; "a uniform won't cut it," the force says in the latest issue of their magazine Ten One.

Everyone working at Rugby World Cup games must be accredited, police said.

Detective Sergeant Max Taylor, from the World Rugby Cup planning team, said admission to grounds was "really strict, and quite rightly so".

Police would be issued with accreditation before each game and would have to hand it back after the game.

Police had visited 11 of the 12 venues hosting matches and had tested accreditation aspects of security.

Although crowds were smaller than expected for the World Cup games, police had "put the mandated requirements into place" for security, Mr Taylor said.

Police would be stationed outside every gate to support security and at every liquor outlet inside the grounds to "engage with punters".

Police said special alcohol guidelines were also being prepared for the three cruise ships which would be in the country for the cup.

The ships would operate under New Zealand law which meant they would have to apply for liquor licence to open their bars while in port.

Police said they planned to educate cruise ship crews on host responsibility, intoxication and the provision of food for patrons.