A campaign launched today aims to improve the poor safety record of teenage drivers.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) wants to highlight the risks facing those aged 15 to 19 by getting parents involved.

Adults can access practical advice on Safeteendriver.co.nz.

The website is being launched alongside an advertising campaign showing the funny side of teaching a teen to drive.

NZTA figures show Kiwi teens are more at risk of a serious crash in the first six to 12 months of driving solo on a restricted licence than at any other age.

It also says road crashes are the single biggest killer of children aged 15 to 19.

NZTA national manager for road user behaviour Michael Cummins said teaching teens doesn't just involve practical skills.

"They also need to understand the mental skills and maturity required to be a safe driver," he said.

"Things such as assessing yourself, reading the road environment, resisting peer pressure, managing distractions and planning ahead are all vital."

Prime Minister John Key, father of 16-year-old Max and 18-year-old Stephi, is backing the campaign.

"I welcome the campaign to improve the safety record of teenage drivers, something that is a priority for the Government," he said.