The Christchurch City Council and the Student Volunteer Army are calling for recruits for one final "silt blitz" today across the city over the next three days.

The recruits will be aiming to get rid of the worst of the silt today and over the weekend, brought up to the surface through liquefaction from the February 22 aftershock and subsequent aftershock.

People interested in volunteering should call 357 9454.

Wheelbarrows, shovels and gloves can be picked up from the University of Canterbury Students Association between 9.30-11am and 4-5pm.

The director of infrastructure for Civil Defence, Michael Aitken, says the volunteer service is for those with genuine need.

"The volunteers are here to help people such as the elderly, those with disabilities or people without personal networks or community support to help with silt removal."

After April 30, people can take their silt to the EcoDepot for disposal, and should keep their receipts for insurance claims. If they need help after this date, they should seek help from friends, family and neighbours.
For more information go to the Volunteer Student Army's Facebook page.