Police found $22,950 cash and $17,000-$25,000 worth of methamphetamine in a garage owned by a man who was supplying the drug to fund his own habit.

Christopher Paul Savin, 43, was sentenced to four years and six months' jail when he appeared in Christchurch District Court today on possession of methamphetamine for supply, possession of a shot gun, possession of a stun gun, and possession of equipment and substances for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Defence counsel Tim Fournier said Savin's pre-sentence report was candid and frank, and Savin now wanted to live a drug-free life.

Savin's life had been ruined by the pernicious influence of methamphetamine, he said.

Judge Raoul Neave said Savin's garage was searched in August 2009, and the cash and drugs were found. There was also a shortened pump action shotgun and an electric hand held stunning device there.

Judge Neave said Savin was a significant user of the drug himself, and the firearm and stun gun were for his personal protection, but he did not have a firearms licence.

While on bail he was visited again and items capable of producing methamphetamine were again found.

Savin's pre-sentence report said his life had collapsed due to the catastrophic proportions of his drug needs, Judge Neave said.

Savin had lost his business, property, and assets, he said, but had a genuine desire to address his offending and learn from it.

He was ready to rebuild his life upon release from prison, and was willing to undertake treatment programmes while in prison.