The field of AMI Stadium is like a "putt putt golf course", but the city should be given a chance to host Rugby World Cup games, mayor Bob Parker says.

An engineering report on the damaged the stadium sustained during the 6.3 earthquake on February 22 is due at the end of this week.

Mr Parker told TV3's Firstline he is confident the stadium can be brought up to standard, and concerns around the safety in the city will more likely jeopardise Christchurch's hosting rights, as aftershocks will continue throughout the year.

The stadium is scheduled to host five group matches and two quarter finals in the tournament, which begins in September.

Accommodation would not be an issue, Mr Parker said, as provincial towns "no more than an hour away" could help accommodate visitors.

"This could be one of the most inspirational parts of the Rugby World Cup we will ever see," he said.

"If his Majesty the Prince can come to this city next week ... I think the English rugby team would feel less than men themselves if they cannot come down."

Mr Parker has pledged important buildings in the city - central to both Christchurch's identity and tourism - will be rebuilt.

The former Municipal Chambers, which, as Mr Parker put it, has sustained "mega-munt", is one of those he would like to see restored

"This is one of my favourite buildings in the universe," he said. "It has to be rebuilt."

He said the buildings, including the Christchurch Cathedral, could be deconstructed, the materials stored, and then rebuilt when possible.

"We have the technology. We can do it.

"The key thing is not to rush it, the people have to come first."