Dozens are missing or confirmed dead in an earthquake that could have claimed as many as 300. Here are some of the stories of the victims.

Donna Manning

Donna Manning loved seeing people step outside their comfort zone and succeed. And in her role with Canterbury Television she saw that all the time.

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Jeff Sanft


A young father travelling on a bus in the city centre that was crushed in the quake is among the dead.

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Matti Makeekan

Tattoo apprentice Matti Makeekan died as Southern Ink Tattoo in Manchester St came crashing to the ground.

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Samuel Gibb

Samuel Gibb, a journalist for Canterbury Television, was described yesterday as a loving husband and "the last person that deserves this".

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Murray Wood

Murray Wood's day job was managing director of Canterbury Television. But outside his office he would often be found hammering the keys of his piano around the garden city.

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Andrew Bishop

Andrew "Bish" Bishop is supposed to give his sister away at her wedding.

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Phil McDonald

The Crusaders were yesterday coming to terms with news one of their own was dead.

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Jo Giles

A long-time familiar face on regional television, mother of four Jo Giles was also known for high-adrenaline activities and even tried her hand at politics.

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Matty Beaumont

Whether in front of the camera or behind it, Matty Beaumont was equally at home.

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Susan Chuter

Aaron Waine's relief at being reunited with his wife turned to horror when he realised a building she had seen collapse was where his mother, Susan Chuter, 51, worked.

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Jaime Gilbert

Jaime Gilbert was running for his life from the bar he worked in when he became trapped under rubble. His workmates frantically dug through debris to save him but he did not survive.

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Owen McKenna

Owen McKenna is believed to have been shopping when debris fell on his car.

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Melissa Neale

The body of Melissa Neale lies somewhere in Cashel Mall where she was eating lunch with her mother, moments before the quake devastated Christchurch.

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Neil Stocker

Neil Stocker has been described as a devoted family man who was dedicated to his work and was a well-known face in the Timaru community.

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Scott Lucy

Scott Lucy was looking forward to becoming a husband and starting a family with his fiancee, Gemma Shefford.

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Paul Dunlop

Paul Dunlop was part of a team of eight dismantling an organ at the Durham St Methodist Mission Church when the quake hit.

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Don Cowey

Don Cowey had wandered out to his garden to pick some raspberries for a get-together that evening.

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Baxtor Gowland

Five-month-old Baxtor Gowland was born two weeks after the first earthquake rocked Christchurch in September.

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Joseph Pohio

Christchurch City Council worker Joseph Pohio was trying to help someone else when he was hit by falling debris shortly after Tuesday's magnitude 6.3 earthquake.

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