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Murray John Wood's day job was managing director of Canterbury Television. But outside his office he would often be found hammering the keys of his piano around the Garden City.

Murray, 56, died when the CTV building on Madras Street collapsed in the earthquake.

Long-time friend Robert Bijl said Murray, a father of six, was an energetic and enthusiastic music lover with a big heart.

"He's extremely kind, extremely generous, enormously talented, very dedicated to his family and he adored his wife, Nicki," Mr Bijl said.


Murray was proud of his five sons and one daughter.

He was an avid piano player and could often be found playing gigs at fundraisers or just for friends.

Mr Bijl spent time with Murray's family and surviving staff from CTV - who were not in the building when the earthquake hit - after they heard the news.

"Everyone was devastated ... stunned."

One of Murray's business partners, Nick Smith, said the loss was tragic.

"All I can say about Murray is he's a real enthusiast for the industry. He's a good guy to have around, with a good sense of humour."