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A top Maori rugby player's dream of a professional career is in ruins after a horrific street attack in Scotland resulted in the loss of an eye.

Api Hemara was bashed repeatedly by brothers Christon and Aaron Mackie - the latter a 2m-tall figure who was likened to the character "Jaws" from James Bond movies.

A trial heard that Hemara, 27, had been enjoying a night out in Aberdeen last October to celebrate his engagement to Scottish woman Elizabeth Giles.

But as they went to catch the last bus home, the two brothers punched him to the ground and repeatedly kicked him in the head as he lay defenceless. Giles was also knocked out in the attack.

Hemara, who played twice for the Maori Colts, told the court that he woke up in hospital with a "horrific pain" in his eye.

Doctors feared that an infection in his retinal nerve might spread to his other eye and leave him completely blind.

He said: "They advised me that I should have the eye removed because there was a risk of me losing vision in my right eye as well. I agreed to the operation."

Hemara, who had hoped to make a professional rugby career in Scotland and eventually to play test matches for that country, said he was still haunted by the face of his attackers.

The brothers were found guilty after separate trials at the High Court in Livingston. They will be sentenced next year.

The injuries forced Hemara to delay his wedding, but he married in Scotland earlier this year.

Hemara said after the case: "As you can imagine we have had an extremely tough year and are thankful this is all over so we can move on with our lives. No words can describe our ordeal but we are thankful for all of the support we have received.

"It must be said that without CCTV footage, the police and the help of the press we wouldn't have been able to bring anyone to justice for this."