Controversial radio host Iain Stables plans legal action against The Radio Network after he was sacked from Radio Hauraki before he even started his new drive-time slot.

Stables' lawyer Scott Leith said Stables' contract was terminated because of the publicity over an airport scuffle with Jetstar check-in assistant Patrick Ulberg, 27. Ulberg has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Stables.

"[Hauraki] are saying the justification for that termination in their view is that the media coverage around the Jetstar matter has brought TRN into disrepute. And that coverage arises from an unsubstantiated media report of behaviour on the part of Mr Stables," said Leith.

Leith has asked TRN to reinstate Stables on pay until it's resolved. TRN said his contract has ended.