Convicted paedophile and former Christian Heritage Party leader Graham Capill has been declined parole for a fourth time, after waiving his right to appear before the Parole Board.

Capill, 51, a former police prosecutor, was sentenced to nine years' prison in 2005 for multiple child sex offences.

His statutory release date is June 27, 2014.

Capill's bid for parole in 2009 was rejected as he still posed "an undue risk to the ... community" and had not undergone any sex offender treatment programmes while in prison.

In a decision released today Parole Board panel convenor Judge Barry Lovegrove said the board was still not satisfied Capill was not a risk to the community, and parole was declined.

After serving five years and three months in prison, board members acknowledged Capill was drug-free, well behaved, received counselling, and attended AA meetings.

But a psychologist's report put Capill at moderate risk of sexual re-offending.

"Any level of risk ... is likely to amount to undue risk," Judge Lovegrove said.

Capill was now taking the Kia Marama child sex offender treatment programme, which was due to run until later this year with follow-up maintenance thereafter.

Also, he had no approved address for release, but was working on this, Judge Lovegrove said.

"As things stand, with important work still to be done, the board cannot be satisfied Capill poses no undue risk to the safety of the community."

Capill would be considered for parole in 12 months, or earlier if he completes the treatment programme and has a safe address for release, the board said.