A P lab was found in a $750,000-plus townhouse in a street containing some of Auckland's poshest homes, including that of Auckland Mayor John Banks.

The Remuera house is near Victoria Avenue Primary School and is flanked by at least one multi-million-dollar home.

Two men and a woman will appear in Auckland District Court today on drug-related charges after yesterday's Victoria Ave raid.

Police said it was too early to say how much methamphetamine was found.

"There's quite a lot to process, because when there's an active lab there these things take time and it's got to be done properly," said Sergeant Greg Rawbone, of the Mt Wellington tactical crime unit.

Mr Banks said the lab proved P was reaching all levels of society.

"Methamphetamine and its evilness could come to your family today, tomorrow, next week." he told 3News. "It is a war we need to fight on all fronts."

The police raid made a dramatic start to the day for neighbours.

Across the road, one woman came out to see two men and a woman sitting on the footpath in handcuffs.

Shortly after, the trio and six police officers went through a decontamination shower.

The neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she had been worried about people coming and going at the two-storey townhouse and the large dog kept there.

She had been told police had seized guns, knives and cash.

The woman was surprised by the size of the find and was relieved it had been discovered.

Tenants from the wooden townhouses alongside the lab house were evacuated, including one family with three children under six.

Yesterday afternoon the parents returned and asked police if they could retrieve food and nappies.

Police emergency tape encircled the townhouse and the one alongside, and a yellow warning sign was taped to its door.

Several officers guarded the scene as police specialists examined the house.

An array of drug-manufacturing equipment, including funnels, canisters, a test tube and a small metal fan, was on the grass verge of the property behind.