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Auckland City Council will make it easier for filming to take place in the city, in support of the region's screen production industry.

The industry generates $878 million annually and employs about 3600 people in 1200 companies - a 40 per cent increase in employment since 2000. The council's move follows a meeting with industry body Film Auckland in September.

"Key industry players have said that they would like Auckland City Council to follow other international cities and introduce a streamlined protocol for granting permission to film in the city," city council development committee chairman Aaron Bhatnagar said yesterday.

"We don't want to be in a situation where Auckland misses out on film business because we can't respond quickly enough."

The city development committee will immediately issue a memorandum of support to council staff and businesses in the film industry indicating the council's intention to support the film industry and introduce measures to make filming in the city easier.

Between now and March, the council will work with the industry to develop a protocol for filming in Auckland that will streamline processes for obtaining consents and permits. It will also work with Film Auckland to develop a register of assets in the Auckland area listing locations where filming is permitted and this will be compiled by May.

The executive producer of Joyride Films, Anzak Tindall, said the most important film investment decision was securing the right location.

"Currently Auckland city is not near the top of the competition internationally or domestically when it comes to film friendliness. Hence we miss out on many opportunities," he said. "The new protocol should lift Auckland's attractiveness."

Mayor John Banks said that attracting more film business to Auckland would provide economic benefits to the city.