A detailed membership list for the far-right British National Party has been leaked, revealing that the white supremacist party's influence reaches as far as New Zealand.

The list, which contains 16,000 names, many with contact details, was published on the website Wikileaks. Three New Zealanders appeared on the list.

Denis Hounsome, from Glenfield, said he had been a member of BNP for six years and was not fazed by his details being made public.

"I am at arm's length from the party, but I agree with most of their policies. I once sat down for four hours and read every word on their website. I thought 'this is the only party which makes sense'."

Mr Hounsome, who moved here from Surrey in 1966, said BNP leader Nick Griffin was a "courageous lad" who was leading the first true opposition party in Britain.

He said New Zealand did not have the same political problems as Britain, and therefore did not need an equivalent of the BNP.

Other listed New Zealanders, Mr Milby, from Porirua, would not comment on his affiliation with the party and Mr Palmer, from an unknown location, did not answer calls.

BNP leader Nick Griffin said publishing the membership list was "malicious forgery" and "not a genuine BNP list".