A woman dubbed a one-woman crime wave and deported from Australia has "disappeared" from the Auckland hotel she was staying in - leaving a trail of mayhem behind her.

New Zealand-born Patricia Carol Toia, 31, has lived in Sydney for most of her life and has been sentenced to jail on 30 occasions for offences including robbery, assault and dealing in heroin.

She committed a further 56 offences in jail, including assault and destroying property.

On September 10, Toia was deported by Australian authorities to Auckland on a chartered jet after commercial airlines refused to take her. She was taken to the Oaks Residences on Gore St, where she stayed for seven days.

Hotel staff say she was "intimidating" to other guests and, by the time she left on Thursday, had racked up $860 in international phone calls.

"We knew she was coming from Australia to stay here but no one told us who she really was and that she might do something like this," said one staff member. " She just disappeared."

One News reported staff had said Toia often "appeared stoned".

They say they will call police if she turns up again.

Toia had been living in Australia since the age of one but had never become a citizen.