Key Points:

A Christchurch mother is staking out a prison ready to stalk her daughter's rapist when he is freed next week.

Jack Michael Harris, 46, was convicted in 2004 for the rape and indecent assault of the woman's daughter when she was 12 and 13.

He was jailed for six years and is due to be released from Christchurch's Rolleston Prison on Monday.

The woman, who cannot be named because it would identify her daughter, told The Press newspaper, her daughter, now 19, was terrified of accidentally seeing her abuser again.

She had three cars of volunteers ready to "stake out" the prison and follow any vehicles leaving and was also preparing to hand out leaflets where Harris would be released.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has advised the mother on how to legally go about alerting Harris' neighbours to his presence.

Safe Network chief executive Robert Ford, who works on rehabilitating sex offenders, said leaflet drops placed the offenders under stress, and under stress they were more like to re-offend.

Sexual offending had one of the lowest rates of recidivism, he said.

Offenders who had completed a course, like the one Harris had completed, had a recidivism rate of between 4 and 5 per cent.

"A lot of these vigilante concerns are based on a false assumption," said Mr Ford.

New Zealand Parole Board chairman Judge David Carruthers told the newspaper Harris would be released to Salvation Army-supported accommodation and would attend an ongoing support programme.