Key Points:

A 16 month-old baby admitted to Auckland's Starship Hospital on Friday with serious head injuries has died.

Police have launched a homicide investigation into his death yesterday and say a post-mortem examination will be carried out this morning.

Police spokeswoman Sarah Kennett said a team of 17 officers were investigating the case.

The boy's mother and other relatives were believed to have been at the boy's hospital bedside when he died.

On Monday, the Herald reported medical experts saying the boy would have been left blind and have permanent brain damage.

Neighbours said they often saw police at the house after loud, all-night parties.

The case comes after the Herald ran a series investigating child abuse in New Zealand.

The Our Lost Children series spurred businesses and individuals to donate to groups trying to prevent child abuse and help its victims.

Starship hospital pediatrician Dr Patrick Kelly, who has given evidence in many child abuse cases, said at the time that about one in five babies with serious head injuries died.

Of the 80 per cent who did not die, he estimated about a third would have permanent, severe damage.

Another third would suffer moderate damage.

At Starship, hospital, where many of the most seriously injured children are treated, 86 children were treated between 2001 and 2007 for non-accidental head injuries.

About 45 new cases of child abuse come to the attention of social workers at CYF every day.